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"Best help with evidence-based medicine available."
Martin Gabica MD, Chief Medical Officer, Healthwise

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The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Evidence-based Decision-Making Handbook:
Practical Guidance, Advice, Strategies, Tips and Efficiencies

"The guidelines and tools that you provided have been invaluable and are used on an almost daily basis as I review journal articles…" Maribeth M. Bettarelli, PharmD

"The Delfini Group provided a comprehensive—and practical—approach to interpreting EBM, but most importantly, they provided a tool that I was able to easily incorporate into my practice…" Chris McFarland, PharmD

Sound medical decisions require sound medical evidence. However, did you know that many estimate that the majority of published medical research studies are not reliable or are of uncertain reliability?

You need an evidence-based process for quality patient care and to avoid waste. An evidence-based approach requires that evidence be evaluated for reliability and clinical usefulness. This book can help you.

  1. How do you hire and evaluate an evidence-based staff if you lack evidence-based skills yourself?
  2. What are some helpful resources and tips to save time?
  3. Creating high quality monographs: How do you get the right information to the committee without swamping them with unnecessary details?
  4. How do you keep your committee discussions evidence-based if your members lack these skills?
  5. How do you make decisions on factors other than evidence?
  6. How do you avoid typical pitfalls?

Delfini medical evidologists and information scientists, Sheri Ann Strite and Michael E. Stuart MD, answer these questions and more.

The authors have worked extensively with Pharmacy & Therapeutic groups around the country to help them establish and operate a truly evidence-based committee. Benefit from their experience and tips for evidence-based practice and efficiencies.

Note: Contents are similar to our Medical Technology Assessment book, but targeted for an P&T audience.

More Testimonials For Delfini

"I know sometimes the jaded medical world may feel that evidence-based medicine and critical evaluations are nice academic exercises that rarely, if ever, influence member safety. We know that this is not the case… You help reignite for many the real reason they got involved in pharmacy and medicine in the first place. We definitely can make a difference..."

Critical Appraiser Staffer

 "…Thanks for shouting out to the Washington State Health Technology Clinical Committee. Along with the help of organizations like Delfini providing us with superb evidence reviews, we are showing a way that the US should follow, in my opinion."

Brian R. Budenholzer, MD, FAAFP
(Former) Health Technology Clinical Committee Chair
Health Care Authority
State of Washington

"I've been attending seminars with the Delfini Group since 2001. They have played an instrumental role in the enhancement of our P & T process. Their programs mix together an enthusiasm for evidence-based medicine with factual market-driven ideas to efficiently utilize the available resources…”

Nicole O'Kane, PharmD

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Authors Sheri Ann Strite &
Michael E. Stuart MD

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